Apr. ROADSHOW @Osaka
with English subtitles

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with English subtitles

2016 Apr. ROADSHOW @Osaka

Shingo Yanagisawa

Lorena Kotou  Emma Tashiro 
 Wakaba Makino  Michelle

Takayuki Godai  Taka Okubo 
 Yohji Tanaka

Executive producer:
Ryuji Kageyama

Producer:Tetsuji Hayashi 
 Director:Yudai Kanazawa

Writer:Naruki Matsuhisa 
 Music:Kei Yachimura

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The setting is a Philippine pub, where Japanese men who are Philippine pub addicts=”PIN-CHU” gather, and various human events involving vigorously living Filipina women are depicted.

Every night, men seeking Filipinas come the the Philippine pub, "Fiesta."
There are many regular customers, including a veteran who has been going to the Philippine pub for 30 years, a man who has been paying tribute for 5 years without receiving so much as a second glance, and a bachelor in his 70s who begins to realize that he wants to marry a Filipina.
Yoichi Uda(Shingo Yanagisawa), who has abandoned both his job and family to work at the pub, is actually living with Jane, one of the Filipinas who works at the pub.
Each of the men comes to the pub with various emotions in his heart, and the Filipinas, even though each is dealing with her own circumstances, is trying to cheerfully entertain the customers. One day, into this cozy and irreplacable pub, there comes an inspection by the Immigration Bureau...

The true story of Filipinas working hard in Japan.


Show times

  • Apr. 23th(Sat) - 29th(Fri) 17:30-19:01

Theater Seven, Juso, Osaka


Ticket Price

   :Junior high school and High school
   :Under primary school
Member of Theater seven